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About Us

Food is how we introduce our culture and our community. 


It is how we connect our borders. 


Over 30 years ago four Persian brothers had a dedication, passion and innate drive to create something to do just that and The Caspian was created.


The Caspian gets its name from the connection that brought their parents together, the Caspian Sea. Their mother was born in the south part of the sea in Iran and their father in the northern side  in Azerbaijani. In 1937 he moved to Iran and met their mother. 


Persian food is rich in history and full in flavor. Flavors of Saffron, Cardamom, Sumac, Turmeric, Rose water imprint a bright, tart, subtle and savory impression on your taste buds. The welcoming and warming tea is a staple in our culture, it is what our restaurant is known for, what makes us. A blend of 7 different leaves, that have a smooth blend of flavors unlike any other. The buttery basmati rice is a perfect complement to the char-grilled kebabs and savory stews.


Our Passion about the food, the industry, the service, the unwavering dedication to providing the experience is what we do and what we are here for. We owe our success to the small, old Iranian community that was here before us, through them we have been fortunate for so many others to find us. 


Bring your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors- Going to the Caspian isn’t eating out, it’s having dinner with your friends. Located at 418 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN.

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