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Gourmet Marketplace

Visit our gourmet marketplace to bring the flavors of Caspian Bistro to life in your own home! Discover our selection of original specialty foods and spices, directly imported from all around the world: Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, Americas. Our unique, high quality items will add a special Persian touch right to your table.

Stop in to discover our unique selection of specialty items

Pastries &


A selection of unique sweet and savory flour products to accompany your dishes or serve as a sweet treat. We offer traditional flatbreads, such as naan and pita as well as a variety of pastries.

Olives &
Dried fruits

Only the perfect climate can grow each of these key items. Try them out for a healthy and tasty culinary immersion of different geographies from all-over the world.

Nuts &


Traditional snacks of our ancestors, nuts and dried fruits provide a source of vitamins and healthy fats, with an exotic taste you've likely never tried before. Explore our selection of shelled, whole and seasoned nuts and seeds.

Meat &


Only our traditional farming and transformation processes can create these signature, high quality products. They're vacuum sealed and ready to be enjoyed in any moment.

Spices &


Our kitchen's most signature flavors are created through specific key ingredients, including special spices and seasonings. Try them today to give that magic touch to your dishes.

Oils &


They're not just seasonings: choosing the right fat can make a big difference, creating the right texture and taste nuance in your recipes.

Specialty Canned & Pickled items

Whether you are using them tonight or keeping them on your shelf for a special occasion, these special items will bring a Persian touch to your table. 

Syrups &


We all need something sweet from time to time. Choose from our selection of products guaranteed to share the whole sweetness of our traditions.

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